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  • Location: Richmond, Virginia, United States

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I am Robbie on Muffwiggler. I will probably never get enough posts to sell on Muffwiggler's BST because I'm pretty dumb about synths and never have anything to add to the conversation. But I read the forums a lot and have learned a ton of stuff there.

Ebay sucks. Long live every other option. But my name there is r0bb!3 if you want to look at my feedback there.

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  • RedSound DarkStar XP2
    RedSound DarkStar XP2
    - Richmond (Virginia) - May 3, 2015 130.00 $ USD

    The Waveform/Osc2 pitch knob has a tendency to skip values.  I've developed a little workaround for it so it hasn't really been a problem for me.  Otherwise, I have not had any problems with it.  It's a fun little weird synth, but my d...

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