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  • Sonic Potions LXR Drum Synth
    Sonic Potions LXR Drum Synth
    Want to sell - Northfield (Minnesota) - August 19, 2020 700.00 $ USD

    Rare and powerful eurorack compatible drum synth. Gently used in a studio setting, never gigged. Buyer pays shipping, or local pickup.

  • Intellijel Atlantis (NEW)
    Intellijel Atlantis (NEW)
    Want to sell - Eindhoven (Netherlands) - May 14, 2020 550.00 € Euro

    I am selling my Intellijel Atlantis. It's still in the box, i tested it a few times but it was never mounted in a rack, so no rack tash. The unit is in the Netherlands, Europe I accept PayPal, Bank Transfer

  • Eurorack Module Midi Things from befaco
    Eurorack Module Midi Things from befaco
    Eurorack - Barcelona - February 28, 2020 150.00 € Euro

    Eurorack Module Midi Things from befaco Midi to CV Works perfectly Shipping cost from Barcelona Spain

  • serge modular for sale
    serge modular for sale
    Want to sell - Leeds (West Yorkshire) - September 29, 2019 2400.00 £ Pounds

    a chance to get a good as new -hardly used random source serge modular  with 35  cables and external psu that can use up to 3-4 panels. also a usb to cv device. a reluctant sale as i have had this 3 months and not really had a chance to use...

  • Soundcraft Vi3000 Mixer with stagerack
    Soundcraft Vi3000 Mixer with stagerack
    Mixers - Tenerife (Spain) - September 23, 2019 11500.00 € Euro

    . Mixer is in heavy duty flight case with extra drawers and rack spaces. Am first owner of the stage rack and it is two years old.  Mixer is in perfect technical condition

  • Elektron Analog Heat MKI
    Elektron Analog Heat MKI
    Analog synthesizers - Rome (Italy) - March 9, 2019 500.00 € Euro

    Analog Heat MKI (1.10 firmware version)Elektron protective LidElektron USB CableElektron PSUOriginal BoxMint Conditions, used in no smoking studio.Lid has some "scratches" due to stickers I've removed.Shipment is usually around one week from the paym...

  • Komplete ultimate 10
    Komplete ultimate 10
    Softwares - Montreal - Est (Québec) - June 29, 2017 800.00 $ CAD

    This is a full version of Komplete ultimate 10 i can trade for eurorack module selected on the picture 

  • Doepfer Dark Energy MK1
    Doepfer Dark Energy MK1
    Analog synthesizers - Raleigh (North Carolina) - November 22, 2016 700.00 $ USD

    For sale Doepfer Dark Energy MK1 semi modular synthesizer with the Curtis Chip CEM3394, rare and out of production! The sale include the Glide mod and new custom wood panels I'll also include the original wood panels, the original box with manual and...

  • Vintage Synthesizers - - August 30, 2016 500.00 £ Pounds

    Others - - November 7, 2015 510.00 € Euro

    INCLUDING SHIPMENT in EUROPEFully working, good aesthetic condition thinking of his age, please refer to photos. 

  • Dark Star XP2
    Dark Star XP2
    Vintage Synthesizers - St. Louis, MO 63122 (Midwest) - October 30, 2015 160.00 $ USD

        RedSound Systems Dark Star XP2  - 8-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer   Synth has ; 2 Oscillators 2LFOs, Low Filter, Band Pass, and Hi.  4 outputs8 voice polyphony Joystick - assignable to any parameter &nb...

  • KORG SQ-10
    KORG SQ-10
    Vintage Synthesizers - Messina (Italy) - September 27, 2015 900.00 € Euro

    Plus international shipping, please askeuropean version: power 220AC 100% working order, very good aestethics considering age. payment accepter Paypal, Bank Transfer.    

  • Metasonix KV-100 Assblaster (Rare)
    Metasonix KV-100 Assblaster (Rare)
    Analog synthesizers - Northfield (Minnesota) - July 19, 2015 1000.00 $ USD

    My husband is selling his Metasonix Assblaster (Unit # 112) It's in like new condition and ready for a new home.   Technically it's guitar effect (mangler), but it's kind of an analog synthesizer too.  Completely Insane. You want this right...

  • RedSound DarkStar XP2
    RedSound DarkStar XP2
    Digital synthesizers - Richmond (Virginia) - May 3, 2015 130.00 $ USD

    The Waveform/Osc2 pitch knob has a tendency to skip values.  I've developed a little workaround for it so it hasn't really been a problem for me.  Otherwise, I have not had any problems with it.  It's a fun little weird synth, but my d...

  • tiptop station case for sale - like new
    tiptop station case for sale - like new
    Want to sell - Los Angeles (California) - March 25, 2015 1200.00 $ USD

    Selling my tiptop station 252 case for sale.  $1200 ($1500 new) tiptop audio's station 252, state of the art mechatronics for electronic musicians. the folding case is made entirely of light w...

  • Roland Gaia SH-01
    Roland Gaia SH-01
    Digital synthesizers - Montreal - March 8, 2015 600.00 $ CAD

    i sell a Roland Gaia SH-01 because I want to make some space in my studio. All raisonnable offer will be considerate. Thanks   Olivier

  • MOTM 485 G1-X VCF
    MOTM 485 G1-X VCF
    Want to sell - Portland (NW) - March 8, 2015 225.00 $ USD

    For sale is an MOTM 485 G1X Filter. This module was built, tested, and calibrated by me to MOTM specs (shielded cable for audio signals, etc…). The MOTM-485 is a recreation of the Yamaha GX-1 LP/HP filter. The GX-1 was a massive organ/synth hy...

  • Blacet BG2520 Bar Graph
    Blacet BG2520 Bar Graph
    Want to sell - New York - January 29, 2015 89.95 $ USD

    Frac Rack format. Includes a standard frac power cable and mounting screws. Includes USA shipping. +$25 international for any number of modules.

  • Moog Little Phatty + Monster Pack + Bag
    Moog Little Phatty + Monster Pack + Bag
    Analog synthesizers - Verona (veneto) - January 27, 2015 900.00 € Euro

    Fantastic Moog Little Phatty Mint conditions + Monster pack Preset expanson + Moog Softcase 900€ + 150€ (Europe Shipping)

  • Arp Odyssey 2800 (whiteface)
    Arp Odyssey 2800 (whiteface)
    Vintage Synthesizers - - January 7, 2015 2500.00 $ USD

    Arp Oydssey 2800 with the clasic whiteface. Beautiful, classic and recently refurbished. Tuned and cleaned up by a moog technician  this past year. Incredible piece beyond what I can ever imagine. Simply overloaded with new gear and looking to g...

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