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  • Want to buy - - July 29, 2018 Check with seller

  • Make Noise Echophon
    Make Noise Echophon
    Want to sell - Milano - July 24, 2018 300.00 € Euro

    I'm selling a Make Noise Echophon, bought on April 15th 2018. Mint condition,with warranty, i'm available for a test and hand delivery. I can also ship it around Europe. Alessandro. 

  • Intellijel Planar
    Intellijel Planar
    Want to sell - Montréal (QC) - May 2, 2018 265.00 $ USD

    Intellijel Planar In good shape

  • Synthrotek MST VCO
    Synthrotek MST VCO
    Eurorack - Burleson (Texas) - March 21, 2018 200.00 $ USD

    This module is NOT damaged but need some TLC and the heartbeat calibrated. Perfect project for a seasoned synthhead! Willing to negotiate on the price and to trade! Comes with an extra CB loaded with components!

  • ADDAC EHX C9 Organ
    ADDAC EHX C9 Organ
    Eurorack - Burleson (Texas) - March 21, 2018 430.00 $ USD

    Sounds amazing and in perfect condition! Willing to trade depending on what you have! 

    Want to sell - Ischia Porto (Italy) - March 10, 2018 350.00 € Euro


  • uO_C Ornament & Crime with screen protector
    uO_C Ornament & Crime with screen protector
    Want to sell - - February 11, 2018 285.00 $ USD

    Hey so i just finished 3 fresh builds.Updated price (usd)uO_C Ornament & Crime with screen protector in the panel.I have 3 available at the moment.I use only the best components suggested on the original BOM by mxmxmx.I calibrate and test them us...

  • 4rm pingable envelope generator
    4rm pingable envelope generator
    Want to sell - - January 22, 2018 275.00 $ USD

    hello have a 4rm pingable envelope generator with very low rack rash, its been in a very clean studio.   will not ship out side of the states sorry

  • Pittsburgh Game system
    Pittsburgh Game system
    Want to sell - Chino Hills (cali ) - January 22, 2018 250.00 $ USD

    hello selling my game sysem, has very minor rack rash and has been in side a very clen studio. wont ship out side of the states sorry

  • Ornament and Crime - Professionally Built and Tested - "Confetti Panel"
    Ornament and Crime - Professionally Built and Tested - "Confetti Panel"
    Want to sell - Victoria (British Columbia) - December 5, 2017 300.00 $ CAD

    Fantastic Eurorack module—can be a quad quantizer, quad ADSR, ASR, chord generator—there's nothing this Swiss army module can't do as long as you feed it some triggers and CVs. Just in time for Christmas, get that synth fiend in your life...

  • uTemps Utile
    uTemps Utile
    Want to sell - - December 5, 2017 225.00 $ USD

    Temps utile mini uTemps uTemps Utile Eurorack Modular Synthesizer I'm starting to build a few of them, let me know if interested :) I will have some uO_C also soon. Both uTemps and uO_C panels are reversible so you can have the screen at the bottom w...

  • Mutable Instruments Grids DIY
    Mutable Instruments Grids DIY
    Want to sell - - December 5, 2017 200.00 $ USD

    Mutable Instruments Grids DIY Fresh build, works perfect.Tracked shipping for 10$ to anywhere in Canada.Panel is not perfect, there's scratches on it, you can still change it later...

  • Benjolin DIY
    Benjolin DIY
    Want to sell - - December 5, 2017 360.00 $ USD

    Benjolin DIYDesign by Tseng 10$ Tracked shipping anywhere in Canada.1 Benjolin crazyness is enough for me haha

  • Intellijel 4 x TPS30 max + 2 dc bricks + 4hp panel dual switch
    Intellijel 4 x TPS30 max + 2 dc bricks + 4hp panel dual switch
    Want to sell - Montréal - December 5, 2017 125.00 $ USD

    Intellijel 4 x TPS30 max + 2 dc bricks + 4hp panel dual switch 125$ each boards. 2 x dc bricks 90w version (30$ each instead of 35$): I throw in for free the 4hp panel dual switch for free if...

  • Macbeth - Micromac r
    Macbeth - Micromac r
    Want to sell - San Marino (San Marino) - November 21, 2017 1500.00 € Euro

    Top condition

  • Korgasmatron II
    Korgasmatron II
    Want to sell - Berlin (Germany) - November 9, 2017 320.00 € Euro

    Perfect condition eurorack module.    Bought recently at Schneidersladen.    Shipping around the world. Located in Berlin, Possibility to test. accept paypal

  • Quadnic Eurorack x4 Digital Oscillator.
    Quadnic Eurorack x4 Digital Oscillator.
    Eurorack - Heanor (uk) - November 3, 2017 238.00 £ Pounds

    Excellent condition. As new. Perfect working order. FREE POSTAGE.

    Want to sell - Gurgaon (Haryana) - September 25, 2017 500.00 £ Pounds

    Hi,I was introduced to modular world two months back and I started off with a few modules that I would like to switch with other relevant modules.Free Shipping

  • Ornament & Crime - o+c
    Ornament & Crime - o+c
    Want to sell - Montréal - September 18, 2017 335.00 $ USD

    Hey!   I'm building Ornament & Crime modules. I have 4 available at the moment and can build more, email me if interested. I have little screens protectors also available.   I use only the best components suggested on the original BOM b...

  • WMD Synchrodyne + Expand COMBO
    WMD Synchrodyne + Expand COMBO
    Want to sell - Vienna - September 6, 2017 750.00 € Euro

    I sell here my beloved Synchrodyne + EXPANDER Combo (!!!) Crazy, organic, complex, surprising VCO for users who like real experimentation. Read about it - there is nothing else like it out there. This is my last & most favorite euro VCO - I only ...

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