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  • uOC & uTemps
    uOC & uTemps
    Want to sell - - August 27, 2018 295.00 $ USD

    uOC & uTemps Ornament and Crime Temps utile   I have all black or black and gold panels. With screen protector in the panel. Fresh build, new, tested and calibrated using a precision 500 000 count multimeter. I can ship anywhere to USA for 1...

  • DIY Mutable Instruments Yarns
    DIY Mutable Instruments Yarns
    Want to sell - - August 25, 2018 235.00 $ USD

    DIY Mutable Instruments Yarns, Silver or Black panel with transparent acrylic screen protector in the panel.I have 2 for sale, i thought doing quad yarns but changed some plans...They are not used brand new build and calibrated.They have red on black...

  • Mutable Instruments Peaks (Basics) with CV inputs and Offset
    Mutable Instruments Peaks (Basics) with CV inputs and Offset
    Want to sell - - August 25, 2018 225.00 $ USD

    Mutable Instruments Peaks (Basics) with CV inputs and OffsetI built a few for my rack and 2 leftovers i can sell, not used.Don't hesitate to contact if any question :) Video of only the right chanel snare with some cv:

  • Audio Damage BoomTschak
    Audio Damage BoomTschak
    Want to sell - Leipzig (Sachsen) - August 24, 2018 550.00 € Euro

    Selling here my analog drumvoice module.sold out everywhere , audio damage quality ,exellent condition, non smoking studio. Perfect for Percussions and Drums. Don't use it anymore and want to spare room for new stuff.

  • Make Noise Echophon
    Make Noise Echophon
    Want to sell - Milano - July 24, 2018 300.00 € Euro

    I'm selling a Make Noise Echophon, bought on April 15th 2018. Mint condition,with warranty, i'm available for a test and hand delivery. I can also ship it around Europe. Alessandro. 

  • Intellijel Planar
    Intellijel Planar
    Want to sell - Montréal (QC) - May 2, 2018 265.00 $ USD

    Intellijel Planar In good shape

  • Synthrotek MST VCO
    Synthrotek MST VCO
    Eurorack - Burleson (Texas) - March 21, 2018 200.00 $ USD

    This module is NOT damaged but need some TLC and the heartbeat calibrated. Perfect project for a seasoned synthhead! Willing to negotiate on the price and to trade! Comes with an extra CB loaded with components!

  • ADDAC EHX C9 Organ
    ADDAC EHX C9 Organ
    Eurorack - Burleson (Texas) - March 21, 2018 430.00 $ USD

    Sounds amazing and in perfect condition! Willing to trade depending on what you have! 

    Want to sell - Ischia Porto (Italy) - March 10, 2018 350.00 € Euro


  • 4rm pingable envelope generator
    4rm pingable envelope generator
    Want to sell - - January 22, 2018 275.00 $ USD

    hello have a 4rm pingable envelope generator with very low rack rash, its been in a very clean studio.   will not ship out side of the states sorry

  • Pittsburgh Game system
    Pittsburgh Game system
    Want to sell - Chino Hills (cali ) - January 22, 2018 250.00 $ USD

    hello selling my game sysem, has very minor rack rash and has been in side a very clen studio. wont ship out side of the states sorry

  • Komplete ultimate 10
    Komplete ultimate 10
    Softwares - Montreal - Est (Québec) - June 29, 2017 800.00 $ CAD

    This is a full version of Komplete ultimate 10 i can trade for eurorack module selected on the picture 

  • Doepfer Dark Energy MK1
    Doepfer Dark Energy MK1
    Analog synthesizers - Raleigh (North Carolina) - November 22, 2016 700.00 $ USD

    For sale Doepfer Dark Energy MK1 semi modular synthesizer with the Curtis Chip CEM3394, rare and out of production! The sale include the Glide mod and new custom wood panels I'll also include the original wood panels, the original box with manual and...

  • Korg M1
    Korg M1
    Vintage Synthesizers - Birmingham (West Midlands) - August 30, 2016 500.00 £ Pounds

    I have had this for quite some years now and had the battery changed. It is a great tool and I enjoyed it when I used it frequently, but now I need to downsize.

    Others - - November 7, 2015 510.00 € Euro

    INCLUDING SHIPMENT in EUROPEFully working, good aesthetic condition thinking of his age, please refer to photos. 

  • Dark Star XP2
    Dark Star XP2
    Vintage Synthesizers - St. Louis, MO 63122 (Midwest) - October 30, 2015 160.00 $ USD

        RedSound Systems Dark Star XP2  - 8-Voice Polyphonic Synthesizer   Synth has ; 2 Oscillators 2LFOs, Low Filter, Band Pass, and Hi.  4 outputs8 voice polyphony Joystick - assignable to any parameter &nb...

  • KORG SQ-10
    KORG SQ-10
    Vintage Synthesizers - Messina (Italy) - September 27, 2015 900.00 € Euro

    Plus international shipping, please askeuropean version: power 220AC 100% working order, very good aestethics considering age. payment accepter Paypal, Bank Transfer.    

  • Metasonix KV-100 Assblaster (Rare)
    Metasonix KV-100 Assblaster (Rare)
    Analog synthesizers - Northfield (Minnesota) - July 19, 2015 1000.00 $ USD

    My husband is selling his Metasonix Assblaster (Unit # 112) It's in like new condition and ready for a new home.   Technically it's guitar effect (mangler), but it's kind of an analog synthesizer too.  Completely Insane. You want this right...

  • RedSound DarkStar XP2
    RedSound DarkStar XP2
    Digital synthesizers - Richmond (Virginia) - May 3, 2015 130.00 $ USD

    The Waveform/Osc2 pitch knob has a tendency to skip values.  I've developed a little workaround for it so it hasn't really been a problem for me.  Otherwise, I have not had any problems with it.  It's a fun little weird synth, but my d...

  • tiptop station case for sale - like new
    tiptop station case for sale - like new
    Want to sell - Los Angeles (California) - March 25, 2015 1200.00 $ USD

    Selling my tiptop station 252 case for sale.  $1200 ($1500 new) tiptop audio's station 252, state of the art mechatronics for electronic musicians. the folding case is made entirely of light w...


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