129.00 € Euro Electronic Mood - Measures (8 step sequencer)

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Measures is an ultra compact uni- & bipolar eight step sequencer with dedicated ON/OFF buttons per stage.


8 stages, 2 inputs and 4 outputs; Clock in, Reset in, Trigger out, Gate out, Step 1 trigger out and CV-out. 

CV-out polarity can be selected via a switch on the back of the module: unipolar (0-5V) or bipolar (±2.5V).

Each of the 8 stages has a potentiometer controlling the voltage output. LED illuminated ON/OFF switches at each stage indicate if there is a Trigger- and Gate out signal at that stage.

Measures can be used as an LFO or an oscillator when feeding a high frequency clock signal into the Clock Input.

No special 5V adapter is needed on the bus board. Ready for the Measures - Expander module.

Width: 10 hp

Depth: 33 mm (including connector)

Maximum power consumption: 70mA @ +12V,  50mA @ -12V

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Published date: July 31, 2017
  • Location: Europe
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