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  • Doepfer Dark Energy MK1
    Doepfer Dark Energy MK1
    Analog synthesizers - Raleigh (North Carolina) - November 22, 2016 700.00 $ USD

    For sale Doepfer Dark Energy MK1 semi modular synthesizer with the Curtis Chip CEM3394, rare and out of production! The sale include the Glide mod and new custom wood panels I'll also include the original wood panels, the original box with manual and...

  • LiveWire Dual Cyclotron
    LiveWire Dual Cyclotron
    Want to sell - Moscow - November 18, 2016 290.00 $ USD

    Selling an old version of Dual Cyclotron in mint condition.  Shipping from Russia with tracking and good packaging.  Shipping included. 

  • XAOS Moskwa
    XAOS Moskwa
    Want to sell - Moscow - November 18, 2016 250.00 $ USD

    Selling mint condition XAOS Moskwa sequencer.  Shipping from Russia with tracking and a good packaging. Shipping included in the price. 

  • Gailean Moons
    Gailean Moons
    Want to sell - Grado (Gorizia) - November 14, 2016 240.00 € Euro

    2 VCA and 2 Envelope Generators all in one. Shipping and paypal on your side.    

  • Circadian Rhythms
    Circadian Rhythms
    Want to sell - Trieste (Trieste) - November 14, 2016 540.00 € Euro

    As new + shipping and paypal on your side.

  • Make Noise Wiard Wogglebug
    Make Noise Wiard Wogglebug
    Want to sell - Scottsdale (Arizona) - November 9, 2016 170.00 $ USD

    This Wogglebug was purchased about a year ago with minimal use.  The module is in perfect condition and has no scratches or flaws. Buyer pays for shipping.

  • Make Noise Phonogene
    Make Noise Phonogene
    Want to sell - Scottsdale (Arizona) - November 9, 2016 380.00 $ USD

    This Phonogene was purchased about a year ago with minimal use.  The module is in perfect condition and has no scratches or flaws.  This module has the latest firmware update.   Buyer pays for shipping.

  • Vermona qMI
    Vermona qMI
    Want to sell - - October 22, 2016 180.00 £ Pounds

    A quad MIDI Interface, you can play your modular synthesizer in different monophonic modes or even polyphonically using MIDI. Bearly used, sold my Octatrack and now have no use for it Please just shout if any questions. Only shipping to UK

  • Expert Sleepers ES-4
    Expert Sleepers ES-4
    Want to sell - (Kent) - October 22, 2016 110.00 £ Pounds

    The ES-4 is a Eurorack format module which converts a standard S/PDIF input to five channels of control voltage. Great for connecting to your computer via auido interface. Has a touch of rack rash as per...  Any other info just ask. Only ship to...

  • Dave smith curtis filter
    Dave smith curtis filter
    Want to sell - Maribor (Slovenia) - October 9, 2016 120.00 € Euro

    great condition, send only to EU  

  • Make Noise Maths
    Make Noise Maths
    Want to sell - Antwerpen (Flanders) - October 8, 2016 275.00 € Euro

    Maths module. Bought this year in the Schneiders Laden store, 325 euro.  Original packaging and guarantee.  Hasn't been used a lot. As good as new.  Selling it to make some room!  

  • Korg M1
    Korg M1
    Vintage Synthesizers - Birmingham (West Midlands) - August 30, 2016 500.00 £ Pounds

    I have had this for quite some years now and had the battery changed. It is a great tool and I enjoyed it when I used it frequently, but now I need to downsize.

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